Halloween: the Real Meaning “A night when the dead come to life”

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Halloween: the Real Meaning  “A night when the dead come to life”

Halloween is celebrated around the world. It is a day when ordinary people turn away from their normal routine to dress in costumes that often have a sinister and demonic overtone. This is a day that allows the devilish side of people to come to life.  Hallow’s Eve, another name for Halloween got its origins in Ireland. It is believed that on this day, a door would open up just enough for the souls of dead loved ones and fairies (demons) to enter into your world. On this day family members would set out a large feast and wait for their dead loved ones to come.  Along with the dead loved ones, other spirits or demons would enter in also. So, to ward off attacks, people would dress as witches, demons or other evil spirits to prevent attacks upon themselves.

Today the business of Halloween is big business. It generates an outrageous amount of revenue,  second only to Christmas. It grosses 8 billion dollars a year. So you can understand why mainstream media will up play this holiday that has not one positive attribute for the believer. Not to mention that this world is evil within itself. Just know that when you open yourself up to evil on any level, you're asking for trouble.

Now going back to the roots of this evil day, Halloween was started over three thousand years ago by a tribe of warriors called the Celts. These were an agricultural people and relied on the earth to survive.  Every year as the winter months drew near the Celts would call for their priest (druids) to bless them and their harvest. The most important of these days?  Yeah, you guessed it. Halloween! It was the last day of the harvest season and the first day of the bitter winter months. The Celts believe that on this day that everyone that had died that past year would walk the earth on this night but they wouldn’t be alone!  Other spirits would walk among them as well, and all spirits weren’t friendly! The Celts devised ways to appease these spirits so they would leave their homes and villages. On the edge of the city the Celts would dress up and parade around but they would also leave feast and sweets for the spirits. This is what we would now know as trick or treat. This is why there are a great fascination and fear of the dead during Halloween.

The modern day Celtic people summon spirit on Halloween night, set bonfires and tell stories of old.  This is where the telling of devilish tales come from. The Celts were pagans and they worshiped the land. This would go on for many years until Emperor Constantine, who was a pagan, also saw what he called a vision of Christ on the battlefield in 320 AD.  He converted and made Christianity the law and religion of the land. Thus forcing the Celts to rise against  Christianity.

In order to make Christianity more appealing to the Celts, in the year 600, Pope Gregory the 1st came up with a plan to convert the Celts.  Pope Gregory knew that he could never get the Celts to convert and give up idol worship all at once so he came up with this plan: anytime that they were seen worshipping, just consecrate whatever it was to Christ and allow them to keep right on worshipping.  

By the year 800, the church was tired of taking it easy on the Celts, so Pope Gregory the 3rd decided to take stand up against the Celts. He turned their most sacred holiday into a Christian holiday. November 1 is all saints day also know as All Hallows Day. So October 31 is All Hallows Eve or Halloween. Many Celts continued to celebrate but now under the new name of HALLOWEEN!  Now the church would go on a witch hunt.

In 1000 AD the church went a further by outlawing the religion of the Celts which is where Halloween comes from. Just as it was then, it remains the same now, you can’t take something evil and try to make it good. You must do away with evil completely in order to be righteous. Many Christians today try to take this holiday and substitute it with other activities such as ‘Trunk or Treat’, ‘Fall Festival’, or ‘Harvest Festival’ just to name a few. This also is not of Christ. “Either make the tree good and its fruit good or make a tree bad and its fruit bad, for a tree is known by its fruit.”  Matthew 12:33.  You can dress it up however you will, and call it whatever you choose, but you are still celebrating Halloween. Halloween is not for God loving, God fearing Christians. If I build up ( Satan’s kingdom) that which I tear down ( Satan’s kingdom), I make myself a transgressor. You decide!

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