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We are a nondenominational, faith-based body of believers that believe, practice and teach the uncompromised Word of God. We believe in the operation of the fruit of the Spirit and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in the body. We have a kingdom mind-set, therefore we speak those things that are not as though they were. For we are the first and not the last, above, and not beneath, on top and not the bottom, are lenders and not borrowers. Because He reigns, we reign in Jesus name we reign!

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The Meeting Place was created to provide a connection for believers of Jesus Christ to learn, teach and grow. a connection for believers of Jesus Christ to learn, teach and grow. Read More

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Find messages inspired by the Holy Spirit here. Feel free to leave a comment and or question. We rejoice when you rejoice. And no question is too big for God!

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