Providing a connection for believers of Jesus Christ to learn, teach and grow.

What We Believe

We are a nondenominational, faith-based body of believers that believe, practice and teach the uncompromised Word of God. We believe in the operation of the fruit of the Spirit and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. We have a kingdom mind-set, therefore we speak those things that are not as though they were. For we are the first and not the last, above, and not beneath, on top and not the bottom, are lenders and not borrowers. Because He reigns, we reign in Jesus name we reign!

Our Vision

The Meeting Place's Vision is to assist in building up believers to follow the word in every area of their lives, removing man’s ways, allowing them to think, act, feel, and believe according to the Holy Spirit’s leading. The atmosphere is created to propel believers to become relational with the Father, Redeemer and Teacher. Thereby releasing liberty in God’s people to lead their lives with totality as the Master is directing; dying to self and living in God.

TMP Ministry Corner

Meet the Moderators

Head Moderator James J. Young, Jr., 47 is the husband of Addreine Sanders Young, and father to 5: Michael (31), Jasmine (27), Jamese (20), Octavion (17), and Maiya (15). Head Moderator has 40 years in ministry. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to Joseph and Laverne Young Pharr, the second of three children. Young has always had a zeal for the word of God and the things of God. His knowledge of the word is Holy Spirit taught and inspired. Although he has received theological training and graduated from several institutions of higher learning. He counts it all as nothing compared to the knowledge of Christ! Along with his wife Addreine, they have spearheaded a somewhat new and cutting edge concept 21st century ministry. They took the words Jesus said “go make disciples of all men”! And we did just that viral ministry!

Lead Moderator Addreine Sanders Young is the wife of Head Moderator James J. Young, Jr. and the mother of 2, Octavion (17) and Maiya (15). She has been in ministry since before the inception of The Meeting Place. Young has known for most of her life that she was commissioned by God to do a work for Him. Not yielding to the voice of God she ran for several years. In 2002, through a prophesy given to her by the now deceased Pastor Roger Cox. He told her three things: 1) she would marry a minister, 2) she will teach, and 3) she would do great things for God. In the attempt to get closer to God she found herself far from close. Within a couple of years she was at it again, seeking God; 2004 she was faced once again with the prophesy. This time, although she was not looking for God she bumped right into Him. With the struggle between what she willed and what God’s will for her was, there was no total surrender to God.

Young was under good teaching but the anointing of the Holy Spirit was not active in her life. She was still failing at being the type of Christian she read about in the Bible. A divine appointment was set in place, she would meet a man, in 2008 (now her husband) fed her hunger for a God who is more than enough. There was a desire awakened in her to know the God in which this man spoke about. The two married and her ministry began. She realized all that she knew could not help her with the issues she was facing. Her first act of ministry was to become a Christian, a true Christian, secondly to walk by faith. Due to her bout with her husband’s hidden secrets she quickly established that her relationship with God had to grow. She looked to God to give her what was needed to overcome any and all obstacles. In doing so, she began to tap into the very nature of God. Through dreams, visions, and leadings of Holy Spirit the layout of her life began to unfold. Although, her marriage was still struggling, she held on to what God had revealed to her. God showed her the ministry she and her husband would birth. Fed up with the back and forth moments with her husband, Young made a choice to leave him. As she began the preparation to do so he came to her and said God told him they were to move back to her hometown, Springhill, La. With no faith in his word she told him if he would do it then she would go; and he did. They made the move in 2011. She felt she had abandoned her career for a word she did not believe.

In the following year by the leading of God Young would go back into her career field as a Cosmetologist. Hope was wailing up in her once again, little did she know that the plan of God was still working. Within 7 months her business was no longer operating as a liability but now a profitable asset. The business out grew the 1000 sq. ft. building, it was time to move to a new location. She not only was about to move her business to a new location 1800 sq. ft. she was about to create a place that God would use to catapult her in to the place in which He designed for her to be. Her marriage was still shaky, but she had enough proof of God. Now able to stand on Jesus as her solid rock. Instead of focusing on her marriage and all of its mishaps Young ministered to every client she serviced. As she shared her knowledge with others God prompted her to start ministering through a separate venue; closing down the salon for one hour two days a week was the next step. God continued to move and through the influence of Holy Spirit, the couple sought spiritual counseling for what was known as The Meeting Place at Springhill. Young was now in ministry, but unfortunately still not in the place in which God had called her to be. Finally in 2015, she became an ordained minister in hopes to be in perfect alignment with God. There was still a void, she sought God, closed down the businesses, and The Meeting Place at Springhill and moved.

While wondering was she running again she allowed God to have full reign over every area of her life without limits. She carried on as people would normally do work, family, and home. The bondage Young felt she was under caused her to cry out to God for deliverance; God gave her a word “Teach people what I taught you!” In her attempt to do so she found herself continuously hitting a glass ceiling. Now that she was in a place to totally surrender to God it required her to give up everything, job and all He was calling her to trust Him 100%. She began to share what God was giving her with her husband. Young had a vision, it was of her, she saw herself standing in a doorway, she dropped to the floor and died. With great urgency she told her husband she had to quit her job, within approximately two weeks he was doing the same; God had awakened the ministry once again to what is presently The Meeting Place it was reignited and the blaze is still going strong. “We are watching God do amazing things and I wish I would have surrendered totally years ago. God continues to show me that trusting Him is the only way to go,” Young says.



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