Mandi's Video Journal

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Mandi's Video Journal

This compilation of videos came to us by way of Mandi.  She has an amazing story to tell of how God has moved in her life and is still yet writing her story.  She has been with our ministry for about 2 years now.  It is amazing to see all the phases she has gone through.  God has truly done a great work in her life.  When she began making these videos she said God wanted her to do so.  As I watched each video, I realized the work He was doing in her life.  As time went on I asked if I could share them with others.  She eagerly said yes as they continued to come.  Finally, God prompted me to start sharing.  You will see her share true emotions and gain victories as well.  But through it all she is doing it according to God's will for her life.  We are so happy that God has let us be a part of the journey she is on and the lifestyle she lives.  The following videos are unscripted, unedited, and filled with truth; may they be a blessing to you or someone you know.  Feel free to share and reach out to us if you want grow in God, we can continue to grow together.

Intro: My Video Journal of How God is Changing My Life            God's Word Speaks

My Story God is at Work                                                               Ashamed of My Action I Must Stay Focused

Freedom from Bondages                                                              Distractions

Slaves to Sin                                                                                 My Two Little Monkeys

Trust in Healing                                                                             Don't Accept the Hurt

Get Out of Self                                                                              Stand on His Word

God Can Save Marriages                                                             Waitin' on the Lord

Confidence                                                                                   For the Tired Moms

Forgive and Forget                                                                       Satan's Top 10

Throw your hands up in the air                                                     No Fear!

Cast your cares                                                                            Calming the seas in us

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