The active power of God

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The active power of God

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Luke 10:19

We are given power over all the power of the enemy.  If you didn't know Satan has power, read Luke 4:6.  He offered Jesus power over the world, which was given by Adam and Eve's disobedience.  But the power provided by Jesus is above the enemy's power.  Satan fuels his power with sin.  Anything that goes against God gives him power.  We look to activate God's power when we learn of it, but many don't because they do not meet the requirements.  When Jesus is in you, you have the opportunity to receive the power and use it.  When God's power is active in you, you can speak peace just as Jesus did to the storm when He was on the ship with the disciples. (Mark 4:37-39)  Jesus used the power He was given by the Father.  The power is the Spirit of God.

Jesus received the power when John baptized Him. (Matthew 3:16-17)  He was not forced to accept this power; He received it voluntarily.  We are allowed to have the same power.  Here in Luke 10:19, Jesus was offering disciples the power.  There had to be a willingness on their behalf to take it.  We should be aware that just because someone offers you something doesn’t mean you have to take it.  The verse says, "Behold, I give unto you power..."  Give means to present voluntarily, to hand to someone or to place in one's care.  Jesus offers the power where nothing will harm all who will receive it, but if they are not willing to use it, harm will come to them.  The other problem is that there are those who say they have the power and don't.

Many say that the twelve were able to do what we couldn't.  This ideology is far from the truth. It is not only for those who think this way who walked with Jesus or those from the "bible day." It is for anyone who is in Christ and will activate and use the available power.  Let's note who Jesus was talking to in Luke 10.  Was it the twelve?  No.  In Luke 10:1, He appointed seventy also; not just the twelve were selected and given power.  Jesus gave them the power to use; they could have abused, neglected, rejected, or made excuses and not used it. 

When you become Jesus' disciple, you must do things His way for the power to be given and used.  When you have met the requirements to have the power, do the work.  Access to the power makes it possible for the work Jesus did happen through us.  If you are not doing the same works that Jesus did, ask yourself why.  Is it because you are hindering your ability with disobedience?  When you do not do the teachings of Jesus, you are not using the power.  When the power of God is active in your life, you will see the works of God.  God's works produce no harm.  When you are not doing what God commands, you're disobedient, and you reject God's power, ergo leaving yourself open for harm.

When we have the power of God activated in our lives, it trains us to do all of what Jesus did and keeps us from all of what He was kept from.  Many run into harm because they do not follow what they know.  When we do not trust God 100%, with all our heart, we are susceptible to injury.  As we remain faithful to God the power is activated and the work is worked through us.  God must be able to trust us. Then and only then can we access the power.  Can God trust you to do His will as He trusted Jesus to do so?

There are far too many unpredictable people who are not dependable, yet they want to access the power of God.  When they do not see the power working, there is always an excuse and blaming the devil for spiritual attacks.  These excuses are there because in one moment it is said 'I will let God's power have a place in my life'  and the next doing your own thing trying to fix "it" by taking it back from God.  When anyone takes it upon themselves to leave God's power out of the equation, they cause harm to themselves.  This harm can come by way of being stressed, upset, frustrated, unsettled, worried, depressed, etc. God's power active in our lives brings perfect peace.  Those who have perfect peace are those who are faithful to the giver of the power of God.  To God, these individuals are considered trustworthy, responsible, and reliable. 

We should not think that God will trust us with His power if we are not willing and obedient.  When you are, that power will afford you to do greater works than what Jesus did.  The greater works come because Christ is in you and you are in Him.  During Jesus' time here, there was nothing the devil could do to harm Him.  When was the last time a spirit reverenced you and could not cause you harm?  Many times people cause harm to themselves by not trusting in the power of God.  When you think you have the power of God active in your life and you don't, it is possible that you will cause harm not only to yourself but to others as well.  Here's a thought: if we have the power of God active, why is there so much harm coming to the so-called believer?   When we have a direct connection to the power from God, and that is Holy Spirit nothing shall harm us.

The same power Jesus used is what we all as believers are supposed to have access to yet; many "believers" live a defeated life due to the harm that comes from the many trials and tribulations endured regularly.  Trials and tribulations are harm, and they cause damage, hurt, and pain.  Jesus gave us power so that this would not happen.  For the many who are experiencing injury, it is because of their unfaithfulness to God.  No one wants to admit they are unfaithful to God, but if you are getting something that God says you won't, then why are you getting it.  No harm means no harm.  God's active power in your life produces a harm-free lifestyle to the believer.  Leave all excuses and walk with the activated power Jesus gave to His followers.  That is you, right?

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