CHRISTMAS, LOST AMONG THE GODS (revistited) Jesus is NOT the reason for the season!

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CHRISTMAS, LOST AMONG THE GODS (revistited) Jesus is NOT the reason for the season!

Is Jesus the reason for the season? 

This sounds like a pretty senseless question right.  Well it is not, I myself had the wrong answer until I researched it.  It does not hold the same meaning as I grew up knowing.  Christmas to me meant the celebration of the birth of Jesus, at least that is what I was told.   Boy was I wrong.  The name ‘Christmas’ is the Mass of Christ.  It was a time set aside for the Christian ceremony commemorating the Last Supper, in which bread and wine are consecrated and consumed.  Communion and Jesus' birth are not the same things.  Of course, we have all been told that Christmas was a time to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  As I studied, I found out that the name was not about His birth, and the meaning had nothing to do with Him at all.  In my opinion, Halloween and Christmas produce the same result: another day where Satan is glorified. 

As for me, I no longer choose to be a partaker in it. I read an article that defended ‘Xmas’.  As a Christian, I was told that this was taking ‘Christ’ out of Christmas.  The work in which many are doing does one or two things: 1) It overemphasizes the idea of Jesus' birth or 2) it overcommercializes the holiday festivities and shopping opportunities. It was an interesting read, not one I choose to accept though.  It is said that Xmas is the same as Christmas because ‘X’ is the Greek symbol for chi; chi pronounced kye (which rhymes with eye) Christ or Christos.  So according to the article, it is alright to say Xmas as long as you say “Christmas”.

The word reason means the basis of a cause.  This meaning suggests that the basis of the Christmas season is Jesus.  Unfortunately, when you go back through the historical timeline of what has taken place you will see the practice of this holiday goes back further than Jesus.  Let's continue...

Why December 25th?

It is not known the date of Jesus’ birth, but it was not December 25.  The sad truth is the date has absolutely nothing to do with Christ at all.   There were celebrations to the sun being the victor over the darkness of winter.  This was an ancient Roman midwinter festival ‘Saturnalia’ and ‘Dies Natalis Solis Invicti’ which took place around December 25th.  Saturnalia, an ancient Roman festival of feasting and revelry in celebration of the god Saturn and the winter solstice.  It is also defined as a wild orgy celebration.  Wow, to think the birth of Jesus and a wild sex party are celebrated on the same day!   Dies Natalis Solis Invicti means the birthday of the unconquered sun of the pagan god, Mithra.  It is ironic that this god came around about the same time as Christianity. 

It is said that Mithra was also born of a virgin, but his birth was in a cave.  Mirtha’s birth was on Dec. 25th, not Jesus’.  The sun god, like Jesus, was also ‘born’ to save man from evil.   This was a date where celebrations were already taking place.  The Romans celebrated the Kalends, which was the name of the first day of the month, the day of the new moon.  This festival teaches men to give their money away quickly for the sake of themselves and for the sake of others. Other festivals celebrated on this day areHanukkah, the Jewish festival of Lights, Osiris, and Kwanzaa.  

When was Jesus Born?

It is not recorded in the bible, but according to the customs at that time, it is speculated that shepherds would not have been keeping sheep in the winter.  It could have been around spring or autumn. 
What customs have Christians adopted? 

Although Christians chose to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Dec. 25th  or Jan. 6th, depending on which calendar used, so-called Christians have been adopting many customs from festivals whose origins derived form worshipping other gods.  Some examples are decorating with holly, hanging mistletoe, and Christmas carols, which come from the winter solstice festivals. There are "Christians" who during this time go to nursing homes, have concerts and host programs with their renditions of holiday cheer.  During the winter festival Dies Natalis Solis Invicti,  a law was put in place that said only for rich people to give to poor.  It was customary for the exchanging of gifts but of course, it did not benefit the poor, because they got poorer.  Does this sound familiar?  Christmas is the largest fundraising season.  The Salvation Army has the cheerful bell ringers standing outside various stores ringing bells.  These bells are to alert you to give.  Most people, no matter their faith or social class, give more at this time of year.  Other adopted practices for His birthday: the sprinkling of holy water, burning of candles, baptisms, and pine tree.  Food for thought: although it is in the scriptures to baptize, not everyone practices this correctly according to scriptures.
In conclusion

Obviously, there is more information.  It is time for us to follow what the word of God says and not the ways of man.  I have not come across anywhere in the word of God to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Each person must be fully persuaded in their own minds to follow what God will’s for their life.  Make the choice to go all the way with God; it is worth it.  This is not a holiday in which Christians should be celebrating.  On the other hand, it is one I would love to learn more about and help enlighten my brothers and my sisters about.

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