What it means to Believe?

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What it means to Believe?

Scripture reading: Mark 9:16-29

Key verse: Mark 9:23

  • To believe is to have confidence and/or faith in the truth of a given situation.

Jesus said in Mark 9:23, If thou can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.  In other words, "if' does NOT assume you do believe.  Many say they believe with their mouths but believe is an action word.  Action words are doing words.  No one can say they believe and not act on what they say they have confidence in. 

  • To believe means to put all your eggs in one basket.

There is no just in case when you believe; there is no plan B.  Notice that Jesus said all things are possible to him that believes.  Nothing is off limits to him that believes.  Now let’s get something established, when you believe something you nurture it; it becomes a part of your life.  It is not saying I want a job and you go out every day filling out application after application.  Is it likely that you will get a job?  Yes.  But for the Believer, we go to the Creator of the plan, just as the father did.

We show God we believe in His plan for us by asking Him.  Jeremiah 29:11 reads,

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

When you act without God, there is no peace in what you want to be possible.  In Mark 9:17, the father went to Jesus with a spirit of expectancy.  He sought out a different possibility for his life.  The condition of his son showed that evil was present in his life.  This was his only belief until he heard about Jesus.

  • To believe is to move in obedience to God, expecting the impossible to become possible.

We must come to God with an "it’s doable" attitude.  Ask yourself how many times have you gone to God about a situation and kept going back about the same situation?  Did you really believe God could change it, fix it, heal it, mend it, etc.  If you did why keep asking?  It is difficult for a Believer to say they didn’t believe, but that is the truth. 

  • To believe is to be assured in the one you’ve made the request.

When payday comes each week, every two weeks, bi-monthly, or monthly, you do not call payroll to ask if they are going to pay you.  No, you trust in what they told you.  Some of us have been on jobs and have never really dealt with payroll.  You show that you believe that your money will be available to you when you were told.  When it comes to God, we’ll ask Him something and when we don’t see it when, we want to we begin to waver in what we are choosing to believe.  The words, ‘I believe’ are spoken but there are many questions in our hearts.  Can I have it, will he really do it, what’s taking so long; just to name a few.  Remember Jesus said, it is what comes out of a man that defiles him, not what goes in.  The bible also says, for out of the abundance of the heart does the mouth speak.  You want to know if a person truly believes what they are saying, just listen and watch them.

  • To believe means your actions and your words line up with what God says.

Let’s make this clear, it is NOT about positive affirmations.  You can say, ‘I believe, I believe’ all day long.  That does nothing.  Without your actions of belief in, God you are only saying the words, but you are showing what you believe in what you do.  Take healing for example.  There are some who want healing but when it is time to take actions that show they are healed, they stop.  The person diagnosed with high blood pressure, just like the father who came to Jesus, they see all the signs and symptoms.  There is overwhelming evidence that says they have high blood pressure.  This is their truth.  Now that they want to be healed they must grab hold to a new truth.

  • To believe all things are possible means to let go of what once was.

The father came to Jesus because he wanted a new truth for his child.  For the person with high blood pressure, they must do the same.  To receive a new truth, you must release to receive.  Jesus did not say all things are impossible, He said ALL things are possible to them that believe.  It is my synopsis that the father released any unbelief the moment he came to believe that Jesus could deliver his child.  We must know our position of situations we are going through.  Are we holding on or are we releasing?  When we are in a place of receiving we can see our possible.

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