Does God Meet You Where You Are?

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Does God Meet You Where You Are?

Many pastors preach that God will meet you where you are.  Does He?  In order to answer this question another question, comes to mind what does it mean for God to meet you where you are?  Will He meet you in the bathroom, kitchen, car, closet, job, etc.  That can't be what that means,  could it?  God is omnipresent!  Comically speaking, the answer is yes.  No matter where you are God is there.

Based on what's being taught, this question needs more attention than it has been given.  Let's look at a few encounters Jesus had with people to gain clarity on what "God meets you where you are means".

  • The Samaritan woman-John 4:7-29
    • Where was she?  She was a sinner, but upon her confession and belief in the Messiah, she was converted.  She was stained by her sin when she came to Jesus.  But after her confession and truth she was free.
  • The woman with the issue of blood-Luke 8:43-48
    • Where was she?  She was tired of her present situation.  There was not further desire to trust in man.  She was broke.  When she made it to Jesus, her faith was active.  Her issue was dried up.
  • The man dropped down through the roof-Mark 2:2-5
    • Where was he?  He was being carried to Jesus.  The who carried him were unyielding.  There was a refusal attitude, nothing was going to stop them from getting to Jesus.  The nonstop push to get to Jesus is what caused his sins to be forgiven.

Three examples, in each of them Jesus met them at the crossover or the turning point of their situation, issue, circumstance, problem, struggle, etc.   He did not go in and pull them out of their sin.  There was no place of acceptance He had for the lives thy lived in sin.  Jesus did not receive them along with their sin.  When they made the choice to be free from sin, they then responded to Jesus' message.  He was instructed to tell all who were in sin to repent. 

In Matthew 1:15 it reads,  And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.  All who hear the gospel of Jesus Christ are commanded to repent.  The act of repentance comes with a confession.  When a person is repented, they are moved to do something different.  The choice to change becomes the desire; they reach a turning point.  The turning point is the crossover, the place where Jesus is always waiting for all who will come.  God does not meet you in a place unacceptable to Him.  For all who want rest from trouble and choose to come to Him, just knock and the door will be open unto you.

In conclusion, to answer the question "Does God meet you where you are?  The answer is no.  But He is there at the turning point; at the crossover waiting.

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