They Went to Hell and Back?

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They Went to Hell and Back?

There is a phrase people say: 'I've been to hell and back'.  This is used to describe a difficult situation in life thatone has overcome.  What about those who say they have been to hell and have come back to tell of their findings?   At one point I was inclined to believe themm, but becoming unlearned and now living with a renewed mind led me to know that it is frivolous accusations that cannot possibly be true, especially according to the gospel of Jesus Christ.   

There are many people who have made the acclaim that they've been to hell and back.  You can go to Google and type in the search engine 'I visited hell' and read countless articles where people say they have visited hell and came back with a warning, a message, a fear, or an alternate mindset.  The question is did they really go to hell and back?

When reading Luke 16:19-31, you will read the account of the rich man who lived a lavish life, then died.  Here we have a man who achieved what many see as a common goal: to be wealthy and to have a life of financial comfort.  This was also a life of selfishness.  There was a beggar who was sick and begged from the rich man.  It was obvious that he needed help. All he wanted was crumbs from his table.  His situation was so bad that the dogs came and licked his sores.  Then they both died.  The beggar went to Abraham's bosom and the rich man went to hell.  

The rich man looked from afar and saw Lazurus.  This must have been tormenting in itself to see who was not in hell.  Then he began begging, wanting for Lazurus to supply him with something  that he wanted.  All he wanted was a drop of water on his tongue.   Remember, all Lazurus wanted was some crumbs?  Father Abraham reminded him of his 'good life'.  How he was supplied with more than enough and Lazurus' life was filled with hurt and wickedness.  While he was tormented, Lazurus was comforted.

With all the rich man's lavish and good living, it didn't stop him from entering hell.  It doesn't matter if one has expensive clothes, large bank accounts, fine furniture, or a nice house. The achievement of a wealthy life from hard work can still leave you in a state of torment when it comes to hell.  When the rich man realized Lazurus couldn't help him due to the great gulf obstructing anyone from coming and going, he then sought help for his five brothers.  His place in hell was final.  Since Lazurus could not help him, he wanted him to go back and warn his loved one's.  If Lazurus, who was in Abraham's bosom, could not go and come as a warning to help, how can anyone do so now?  And he wasn't in hell. The great gulf stopped people from going in and out of hell (Luke 16:26).  God has not chosen to change the rules for anyone.   He didn't do it then, why would he now?

The rich man wanted to send Lazurus, who was in Abraham's  bosom, to warn his brothers but Abraham said they have Moses and the prophets.  If they wouldn't hear them, what makes you think they will hear one who was raised from the dead?  According to knowledge learned from the word, there is none who have come back from hell to warn others of its existence.  The rich man knew of Moses and the prophets but he wanted someone from the dead to go.  He knew if they saw one from the dead they would repent.  That's what he wanted but Abraham told him if they won't hear Moses and the prophets, one being raised from the dead won't change them.

The truth about hell is that once your in, you are in.  There is no going back and forth. 

In conclusion, for the many who say they have been to hell and back, why are they so privileged that God changed the rule for them?

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